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Tony Druttman C Shaped Canal – OPMI Pico with HD recording



We have uploaded a video recorded by Dr Tony Druttman using his Carl Zeiss OPMI Pico dental microscope with the integral HD camera. In terms of the procedure:-

C Shaped Canal

Lower left second molar root canal treatment of tooth after previous pulpotomy The floor  of the pulp chamber was  explored initially with an ultrasonically energised K-file. As the radicular access was packed with hard material a 0.5mm rosehead bur was used to define the C shape. An  EndoSuccess ET 25 tip was then used to trough the pulp chamber. The canals were identified using hand files attached to locking tweezers. The canal shapes were developed using ultrasonically energised k-files and the canals were prepared using  NiTi rotary files.

The video can be found in the video section of the website


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