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Quality of the Yirro



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The Superior Self-clearing Mirror

Quality of the Yirro – Since its founding in 2003, Nuview has been dedicated to supplying dental products of exceptional quality.

The latest addition to the innovative Nuview portfolio is the Yirro-plus® self-clearing dental mirror system.

Using adjustable airflow to defog the face of the dental mirror system, the Yirro-plus® offers the user permanent clear sight.

It also has a superior smooth, multi-layered coating, which is repellent to grease and contamination, as well as an ultra-reflective surface.

Autoclavable, ergonomically friendly and easy-to-use, the self-clearing dental mirror system is the perfect tool for any practice.

For more information on the Yirro-plus® – which is available as both a manual and automatic system – contact Nuview today.

Be part of the new dental mirror system movement.

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