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Loupes – the benefits for dental professionals



Loupes – the benefits for dental professionals

EyeMag Pro Dental Loupes

The multifarious loupes available from Nuview offer dental professionals cutting edge, multi-functional products suitable for every day practice.

With high quality optics and refined design, Carl Zeiss solutions are at the cutting edge of magnification technology.

It is clear to see the professional’s needs were at the crux of the design, as the loupes are manufactured uniquely with the choice of either an adjustable headband or lightweight titanium frames. With the addition of the silicone ‘saddle’ bridge piece on the titanium frames and balance of the headband carrier, the products available from Nuview are an essential investment to guarantee maximum comfort and precision.EyeMag Smart Dental Loupes

In addition to pinpoint clarity, ergonomic aid and attentive aftercare services, the Carl Zeiss portfolio specifically caters for every practitioner’s requirements with thin lenses, sight correction and special filters available with every purchase.

Examples of cutting-edge products available include the Carl Zeiss EyeMag Smart and EyeMag Pro, which are notably designed for close magnification ranging from 2x to 5x. With these innovations, Nuview guarantees image quality excellence to peripheral zones and a greater depth of field.

For safe, effective and innovative TTL and flip-up loupes, Nuview has the answer.

GTX dental loupes

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