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02/02/2015 Ergonomics for Dental Microscopy




New Standard of Ergonomics for Dental Microscopy

New ergonomic tube with first-class visualization for relaxed work over long periods.

Carl Zeiss is setting a new standard for excellent ergonomic correctness in dentistry. Carl Zeiss now offers a new ergonomic tube for the OPMI pico, and OPMI PROergo dental microscopes. Its special folding technology allows it to be individually adjusted, permitting users to sit upright and treat in a very relaxed position in front of the microscope. When practically combined with angled optics, the ergonomic tube unfolds its true potential.

The ergonomically correct design allows an upright position of the head and neck, and the spine. Neck and shoulder muscles remain extremely relaxed. The ergonomic tube adapts to the special treatment conditions; users of different sizes find the optimal viewing position at the right working height and at the correct distance to the patient in each case.

A simple rotary motion suffices to obtain 50% more magnification, delivering more detailed information for classic fields of treatment and endodontics. Simply turn it in, turn it out for a fast switch from overview to detail. OPMI PROergo users in particular benefit from the low starting magnification with a very large field of view for a good overview and from the up to 50% larger zoom range for detail magnification, e.g. for treatment follow-up.

The ergonomic tube can also be rotated at the push of a button, providing unhindered visibility of hard-to-access areas from an ergonomic seated position. Existing OPMI pico and OPMI PROergo dental microscopes can be equipped with the new ergonomic tube in next to no time.

In other words, Carl Zeiss is offering a future-proof, health-promoting and flexible concept for ergonomically correct treatment with dental microscopes.

Positive feedback from the dental community:
* The new microscope head is an absolute must for me when buying a ZEISS PROergo
* Each of the 4 components represents a significant and meaningful improvement to the status quo. I find the new “4-in-1” tube very good, outstanding in fact.
* I have nothing, absolutely nothing to criticize.
* I have already become accustomed to the large folding range and the resulting larger distance between the microscope body and the patient. It takes some getting used to at the start, but now I would (almost) never like to do without it again. Also, the “one lever for 50% more magnification” is now being increasingly used; I myself almost always use the tube with the higher magnification for endodontics. Why? Because I see more.
* In my view it is advisable to also buy the tube when purchasing a new system.

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