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140113Nuview’s Continu Impression Disinfectant

Nuview’s Continu Impression Disinfectant is now available in a five litre option making it ideal for using as a bath or as an economical spray refill.

Continu Alcohol Free Impression Disinfectant is incredibly powerful with a kill rate of 99.998%. Because it is a ready to use solution and is effective within 30 seconds it saves valuable staff time without compromising on quality.

Continu Impression Disinfectant is water based so is safe to use on all types of impressions from alginate to silicon without causing any shrinkage or discolouration. As a non irritant, odour free solution with the same chemical hazard rating as water, it also creates a more pleasant working environment for dental staff and simplifies adherence to COSHH.

Continu Impression Disinfectant is supplied with sticky labels confirming disinfection has taken place, to support HTM 01-05 compliance. In fact the Continu range of water based, alcohol free disinfectants for instruments, water lines, ultrasonic baths, dental impressions, surfaces and hand hygiene is fully HTM 01-05 compliant.

All Continu products are available in economic and environmentally friendly refill options.

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