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19/01/2015 Carl Zeiss EyeMag Smart dental loupes



1410Ad_EyeMag_Smart_smalltest19th January 2015

Benefit From The Highest Quality Magnification With Carl Zeiss Loupes

Whether for surgical procedures or general use, Carl Zeiss are at the forefront of magnification technology to help you improve your accuracy and patient satisfaction. Carl Zeiss EyeMag Smart dental loupes, available from Nuview, offer practitioners pinpoint precision and the very best in ergonomic comfort.

EyeMag Smart Galilean loupes, with their 2.5X magnification, have optimum image quality with guaranteed colour fidelity as a result of the advanced optical accuracy of each and every Carl Zeiss lens.

The lightweight EyeMag Smart does not leave you wanting for ergonomic comfort. It has a soft silicone “saddle” nose bridge and the weight is perfectly balanced across the frames. In addition, its customisable operator settings allow you to completely control the amount of declination so you can continue to use it with ease no matter how long the procedure.

For affordable, yet high quality magnification for everyday use, look to Carl Zeiss EyeMag Smart dental loupes.

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