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09/03/2015 Dr Devin Vaghela Testimonial


opmi pico dental microscope09/03/2015

Carl Zeiss – taking your dentistry to the next level

Dr Devin Vaghela Testimonial

The dental operating microscope has been one of the most significant innovations in dentistry. It has transformed the way dentists view the oral cavity, enhancing not only clinical results, but also patient experience.

Prior to the invention of the dental microscope dentists were left relying on their naked eye to diagnose and treat problems with teeth and gingiva but now with the great depth of vision and enhanced level of magnification a modern dental microscope provides, dentists are able to look deep inside the mouth and so see and treat more than ever before.

As microscopes are increasingly used in every day practice, the greater vision they provide means modern dentists are now working with greater precision. The ability to see more means dentists can now treat more problems, or less as the case may be. Enhanced vision and precision in turn means the invasiveness of a procedure is reduced and less trauma is caused to the patient.

Furthermore, many of the best dental microscopes available today come with the option to attach a HD (high definition) camera. This enables the dentist to film a live feed and show it to the patient either during a procedure or afterwards. This function increases patient compliance, as they are more likely to understand the procedure and appreciate why they need treatment.

Among the leading manufacturers of dental microscopes is Carl Zeiss. The company is renowned around the world for engineering high quality advanced illumination and magnification systems and has been top of the industry for the last 160 years. The Carl Zeiss OMPI Pico dental microscope is a true advancement in the field of advanced magnification, providing dentists with the ability to view the finest of details in complete comfort.

carl zeiss opmi pico dental microscope“At the OPMI Pico’s core is a complex lens system providing excellent optics,” says Dr Devin Vaghela, of The Morgan Clinic in Maidenhead. “It has Zeiss engineered lenses, with no aberration or diffraction at various working lengths and light intensities. The microscope provides a good depth of field in focus allowing one to see within canal systems with minimal adjustment in focal length. Its xenon light source can be adjusted for brightness and provides level illumination. Together, these provide an incredibly crisp view through the five-step magnification. Its eyepiece shields are also large, and adjustable for depth, which means they stop light from the outer side of the eye from interfering with the view.”

The OMPI Pico microscope provides all the necessary options to enable the dentist to carry out effective communication, both with patients and with other team members. These options allow dentists to document their work using either pictures or video. “The unit is very well designed,” continues Dr Vaghela. “Its arms and Mora interface allow it to be positioned at a wide range of angles over a two-metre span. Its locking screws hold very well even when gently tightened, allowing minor degrees of movement, especially important when under high magnification. A DSLR or Camcorder specific adaptor can easily be mounted on the unit. I find the microscope great for presentations to colleagues and patients. Assistants like it too! Connectivity is seamless and the live feed orientation on screen can also be adjusted. This is a gem of a unit, very well built, with excellent optics and lighting, quite on par with what one would expect from Carl Zeiss.”

Carl Zeiss dental operating microscopes are available exclusively from Nuview in the UK. Dr Vaghela was very impressed with the level of service and support that he received, when he purchased his OPMI Pico microscope 18 months ago.

“John Woods and his team at Nuview recognise this purchase by the profession as a large investment,” says Dr Vaghela. “I have dealt with the team for a few years now and have no hesitation in recommending them. They offer good technical support, advice and a prompt service. John came to the office for an initial survey. We talked about requirements, logistics, price, delivery, and a few weeks later installation. During the installation the system was set up and John went through the basic operation and maintenance issues.

“At 18 months and counting, I am very happy with the OPMI Pico. I find I am becoming increasingly critical of my work. Without a doubt, whilst a scope is not an outright necessity, it allows for precision, and with this better outcomes and predictability. I remain as impressed now as I was when I purchased it.”

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