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Nuview celebrates 10 years at the top

Nuview has risen to prominence in the dental market by always making sure that it supplies its customers with products of the very highest quality. Its commitment to excellent customer care and always putting the customer first has garnered Nuview a reputation which it is very proud of.

In the last decade, Nuview has helped many dentists discover and understand the benefits of advanced magnification systems. The Carl Zeiss OPMI Pico, one of Nuview’s leading products, offers its user sophisticated visualisation of the oral cavity as well as promoting good posture and technique.

Dr. Rob Masters of Tupsley Dental practice says, “The clarity of the view and ease of use is significantly better than any other microscope that I have used. It has revolutionised my endodontic work”

Nuview has also helped clinicians to find the right set of dental loupes to complement their style of work. Each set of loupes that Nuview stocks incorporates high-quality optics with sophisticated design to ensure that all users perform clinical work of the highest standard. Carl Zeiss GTX loupes for example are designed to allow clinicians to work with pinpoint clarity and each set of GTX loupes is measured exactly to fit the user.

Dr. Vishal Kumar of Heathwood Dental Practice invested in a set of loupes from Nuview and was very please with the quality of them, he said, “I tried products from a number of competitors and the Carl Zeiss loupes provided a superb bright image with a fantastic level of magnification. They were one of the only sets of loupes which were customisable to the degree that I needed to suit my preferred angle of declination.”

Dr. Kumar also invested in a headlight to mount on his loupes, which Nuview helped to set up, “To go with my loupes I also bought a headlight to mount on them; this proved difficult to set up. I telephoned Nuview, on a Sunday evening, fully expecting to hit an answer phone. Imagine my surprise when it was answered and I was advised that they would send someone to help as soon as possible. A representative came to my practice later that week and very swiftly set things up. An excellent service – I am most impressed!”

However, advanced magnification isn’t the only area in which Nuview have offered outstanding products over the last ten years. Continu is a range of versatile and comprehensive disinfectant products that help to significantly lower the chances of cross contamination in the dental practice. All Continu products from the dental instrument cleaner to the hand washer and sanitiser are completely HTM01-05 compliant and effective against MRSA, E.Coli, HIV, Influenza A, Salmonella and many others, killing 99.999% of harmful bacteria.

Nuview’s dedicated and experienced sales team have been servicing the dental industry with effective and innovative products for ten years and hope to continue this service for many years to come.

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