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20/01/2015 Enhance your vision OPMI Pico




Enhance Your Vision With OPMI Pico From Carl Zeiss

Dr Jonathan Swarbrigg is the principal dentist at the Farsley Dental Practice in Leeds.

“I am someone who is constantly looking to improve and develop the treatments I can provide for my patients. Having bought my first pair of loupes 16 years ago, they quickly became an essential tool that I could not work without.

When I started to attend courses that involved a great deal of microscope usage, I realised that the next logical step would be to invest in a quality microscope for my practice.

I assessed my options carefully and elected to buy the OPMI Pico microscope from Carl Zeiss, supplied by Nuview. It has surpassed all my expectations. Its flexibility and manoeuvrability has integrated seamlessly into my working day. It has enabled me to achieve consistently high levels of precision in my general restorative work and in my endodontic work.

The OPMI Pico has enabled me to elevate the standards of my clinical practice and increase my level of accuracy. It is now a piece of equipment I could never be without.”

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