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PRO Ergo Dental Microscope by Carl Zeiss




Improved comfort – improved work.

OPMI PROergo takes prevention to the next level. A comfortable, upright position prevents the quick onset of fatigue and provides long-term protection against neck and back problems.

OPMI PROergo ensures comfort and a smooth treatment routine with the following three


The motorized Varioskop adjusts to your seated position. Focus the treatment area with the push of a button and without moving the microscope or changing your working position.

Continuous magnification. The brightness setting adjusts automatically as you increase or decrease magnification levels.

The 180° tiltable tube allows you to work in maximum comfort in a variety of positions and on difficult-to-reach areas. Your back will thank you – particularly during longer procedures.

The Free Float Magnetic System offers effortless maneuvering and smooth, precise positioning. The microscope is always exactly where you want it

Brilliance. Comfort. Information.

A Carl Zeiss microscope enables greater precision and efficiency.

Key benefits include:


You can only treat what you can see. Optics from Carl Zeiss allow visualization of even the most minute details and finest structures, enabling you to enhance the quality of your diagnosis and treatment.


Utilizing the OPMI PROergo during treatment facilitates a comfortable working position. The optimal ergonomic design helps prevent back and neck pain, as well as more serious diseases of the spine.



Integrated video cameras make it possible to effectively present the clinical treatment – before, during or after the procedure. High-quality diagnostic images and videos allow you to better demonstrate the recommended course of action to your patients during treatment planning sessions.


Unique. OPMI® PROergo® from Carl Zeiss.

OPMI PROergo combines brilliant optical quality with working and operating comfort to deliver a uniquely designed product. From the cables to the control console, Carl Zeiss has expertly integrated each part for optimal operation and a clean, sleek appearance.

When you select your microscope from Carl Zeiss you also benefit from the years of experience and optical expertise that has earned Zeiss the reputation as a global market leader in dental microscopy.


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