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Opmi Pico Dental Microscope from Carl Zeiss



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OPMI® Pico dental microscope from Carl Zeiss makes details and fine structures clearly visible. It enables you to better visualise the regions of interest and consistently provide your patients with high-quality examinations and treatments. The compact, high-performing, easy-to-use OPMI Pico dental microscope offers solid support for the most demanding applications – whether in restorative dentistry, endodontics, implantology or periodontics.

OPMI Pico’s cost-effective illumination options offer solutions for all specialized dental offices to meet your standards and needs. Complete integration of the light source makes it easier to clean the system. Highly ergonomic functions enable various users to conveniently adjust the focal length while maintaining their preferred working posture. The Carl Zeiss OPMI Pico dental microscope also features camera options to facilitate patient consultation and documentation; depending on the specific needs in your practice.

A stiff neck, a sore back – things you experience all too often after a hard day’s work. With ZEISS OPMI Pico and features like the Varioskop 100, MORA interface, 180° tiltable tube, Foldable Tube f170 / f260 and the specially tailored ergonomic handgrips, these are all a thing of the past.

You can sit comfortably in an upright, ergonomically correct position during treatment for a more relaxed working day.Varioskop 100 enables users to conveniently adjust the focal length without leaving their preferred working position – a true advancement that helps prevent neck strain and back problems.

OPMI Pico Dental Microscope


Suspension Options


Floor Mount


Wall Mount


Ceiling Mount


Illumination Options                                                                          untitled

LED for premium applications
For colour rendition and light that strongly resembles natural daylight. It is a very cost-effective and virtually maintenance-free light source. The very low heat output requires minimal ventilation and produces very low noise levels.

Xenon for premium plus applications                                                
For highest demands and professional documentation, the shadowless illumination puts light exactly where it is needed. Even root canals are perfectly illuminated and imaged.


Options & Accessories

MORA Interface – the pinnacle of ergonomics. 

The MORA Interface enables you to easily and precisely move OPMI Pico into the desired position. Even considering the unique, smooth operation of the MORA Interface, you’ll find the most impressive feature to be the upright viewing position that remains constant regardless of the angle of the microscope. This allows you to remain in a comfortable position at all times without taking your eyes off the subject.


Mora Interfacehandgrips

Foldable Tube f170/f2601111

With its long reach, this highly flexible system easily accommodates the needs of the user and different positions of the patient. Foldable Tube f170/f260 with PROMAG™ function boosts to 150% detail magnification.





Varioskop 100

Adjust the focal length over a large distance to focus on the oral cavity as well as minute details in the vertical axis – without leaving the preferred working position or moving the OPMI Pico.



Digital Visualisation

Depending on your specific practice needs – you can choose between two integrated HD video camera versions for intuitive handling and direct  access to the most important features on the control board:

• Full HD 1080p
For highest demand of live video quality

• Live & streaming (Full HD 1080p) with recording license
1 Stream live video into the network for viewing through various devices.
2 Smart Recording: Record video that occurred 30 seconds in the past.
3 Record onto shared network or USB device as well as facilitate easy transfer of still images and HD videos to patient management software.
4 Create Full HD images during recording or from a recorded video.

Adapter for SLR cameras

Now you can document excellent still shots with leading-edge SLR cameras perfectly adapted to your dental microscope. The digital SLR camera is connected with a so called T2 adapter ring and a photo adapter. The SLR camera requires corresponding T2 mount.

Demonstrate the results of your work in high-quality publications. Pictures taken with a SLR camera easily meet the demands of premium-quality print media.

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