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Carl Zeiss Dental Microscopes


Carl Zeiss dental microscope range set the standards in optical quality, integration and ergonomic design. Currently Carl Zeiss offer three models of dental microscopes OPMI PICO, PRO ERGO and the latest addition the range the EXTARO 300.

When making a decision during treatment, what you can see is a key criterion to your clinical evaluation. Time and time again during your work as a dentist, you almost certainly experience situations in which you would like to have more precise, magnified vision.

The possibilities offered by modern microscope systems have enormously extended the limits of visualisation. Since its inception in 1953, the surgical microscope has become firmly established in numerous medical fields across abroad range of clinical applications. A large number of surgical procedures would now be totally inconceivable without the use of a microscope.In dentistry, the microscope has also redefined the concept of visualisation. Particularly in the field of endodontics, the microscope is now generally recognised as an essential element in dentist’s daily armamentarium and part of the basic academic curriculum in endodontic programmes worldwide.

Beyond the endodontic practice, the role of the microscope has received increased attention in general dentistry to further enhance the quality of the dentists work, obtain aesthetic outcomes and conserve long term dental health for patients. In addition, the integrated or attachable camera and video equipment of modern microscope systems permits the dentist to involve patients to a much greater extent in the treatment process and increase overall treatment compliance. A magnified microscopic image is worth more than a thousand words. It allows you to clearly explain the treatment and impressively demonstrate your skills. Last but not least, the dental microscope makes it possible for you to sit in an ergonomically correct , relaxed and upright posture during therapy.


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The Gold Standard

“The brightness and the lens quality of the EXTARO® 300 are exceptional. I have used several microscopes throughout my career and to me, this is the gold standard.”

Dr Obyda Essam, Specialist Endodontist from Dental Excellence in Liverpool, highlights the key benefits of the EXTARO® 300 microscope from Nuview.

“It enables quicker and more efficient identification of the canals, leading to reduced chair time and stress for the patient. The depth of view is also excellent at higher magnifications, which allows enhanced visualisation of more apical perforations or separated instruments in the canals.

“I would, without hesitation, recommend the EXTARO® 300 from Nuview to other endodontists.”

Dr Obyda Essam

Specialist Endodontist, Dental Excellence, Liverpool

“Since the Carl Zeiss EXTARO® 300 microscope was installed, I’ve seen a huge improvement in the quality and precision of my clinical work,” says Restorative Dentist at Dental Excellence, Dr Craig Dewdney. “I’m also far more efficient at tooth preparations than I was before and my shade taking is noticeably more accurate.

“Before I started using the microscope, I relied on my loupes and light to assist in my clinical work. I have to say that the EXTARO® 300 outclasses my previous set-up in every way. From the enhanced magnification and illumination the onboard light provides to the microscope’s unique features such as the integrated HD camera, Fluorescence Mode and NoGlare Mode, using the EXTARO® 300 has been hugely beneficial.

“The EXTARO® 300 has also helped to reduce eye strain and fatigue, improve my posture, further develop four-handed dentistry with my dental nurse and reduce the risk of human error, so all in all I am very pleased. I would have no hesitation in recommending the EXTARO® 300 and Nuview to other dentists.”

Dr Craig Dewdney

Restorative Dentist, Dental Excellence, Liverpool

All the bells and whistles

“I purchased the Carl Zeiss EXTARO® 300 from Nuview, as I needed a microscope that had a variety of applications,” says Dr Ross Campbell, Principal of Ross Campbell Dental Practice in Norwich.

“The EXTARO® 300 has everything from exceptional magnification and ergonomic design to innovative functions that take microdentistry to the next level.

“My favourite feature is the Fluorescence Mode, which allows me to detect and treat dental caries, and distinguish composite materials from the natural tooth.

“With the addition of the integrated HD camera I am able to achieve everything with the EXTARO® 300. I can’t thank the Nuview team enough for all their help.

“I would definitely recommend the EXTARO® 300 with all the bells and whistles.”

Dr Ross Campbell

Principal Dentist, Ross Campbell Dental Practice

When I decided to purchase a dental operating microscope I chose the Carl Zeiss OPMI® Pico from Nuview, as it came highly recommended to me from a number of colleagues,” says Dr Adam Toft, Principal Dentist at Cavendish Dental Care in Derbyshire.

“Plus, I had been aware of Carl Zeiss products for over a decade, so I knew that the build quality and clarity of the optics were unmatched.

“Since being installed, I’ve been using the OPMI® Pico for both routine endodontic treatments and restorative dentistry. The clarity of the optics and quality of the illumination has helped to make a real difference to the delivery of care.

“The ergonomic design of the microscope also deserves praise, because while the loupes that I had before were good for facilitating a neutral position, the OPMI® Pico has taken my positioning and comfort to a whole new level.

“With the addition of a fantastic service from the team, whose friendly, helpful attitude and attention to detail was outstanding, I would recommend the OPMI® Pico from Nuview to anyone.”

Dr Adam Toft

Principal Dentist , Cavendish Dental Care

“Head and shoulders above other microscopes”

After three years of researching microscopes, Dr John Moore, Practice Lead at John Moore Dental in Plymouth, purchased the Carl Zeiss EXTARO® 300 from Nuview.

“As soon as I saw the clarity of the optics and simplicity of the design I knew that the EXTARO® 300 was ideal for my practice,” he says. “I needed a microscope that would help me to deliver an ever greater standard of patient care and support me ergonomically throughout the working day – and that’s exactly what I have.

“The killer feature for me that puts the EXTARO® 300 head and shoulders above all the other microscopes that I have tried, is the amazing MORA Interface, as it means that I can tilt the microscope left and right without the eyepieces moving an inch. They remain completely horizontal!”

Dr Moore also has high praise for the usability. “The beauty of the EXTARO® 300 is that it has an extremely wide depth of field, so you don’t have to be constantly adjusting during use. This makes it very easy to use and extremely time efficient. I would definitely recommend.”

John Moore

Practice Lead , John Moore Dental

OPMI® Pico makes excellence possible

At Confident Dental Care in Stroud, Dr Armineh Arzandeh uses the Carl Zeiss OPMI® Pico from Nuview for all endodontic therapy.

“Without the OPMI® Pico microscope, carrying out root canal treatment to the specialist standard expected would be impossible,” she says.

“The quality of the optics and illumination is excellent for visualising minute details, and from an ergonomic standpoint I would not be able to practice comfortably without the microscope.

“The service and technical support was incredible too, and as such I would definitely recommend the OPMI® Pico from Nuview.”

Nuview is the UK distributor of a range of Carl Zeiss magnification products, including the OPMI® Pico, EXTARO® 300 and OPMI® PROergo microscopes, as well as EyeMag Pro, EyeMag Smart and GTX loupes. Call now to find out more.

Dr Armineh Arzandeh

Endodontist, Confident Dental Care

Unmatched quality

“The Carl Zeiss OPMI® Pico dental microscope is excellent,” says Jesal Savania, an associate dentist with enhanced skills in endodontics at Tamworth Dental and Implant Clinic in Tamworth and One Dental and Implant Clinic, Dorridge.

“What I like most about it is that it provides a great depth of field of view with an illumination that is unmatched by other dental microscopes. This perfect combination allows me to view even the finest of details and structures during root canal therapy for consistent outcomes. It’s an excellent bit of kit for any endodontist and I would highly recommend.”

The OPMI® Pico is available from Nuview in a variety of packages having floor, wall or ceiling formats. Call the team to find out more.

Dr Jesal Savania

Associate Dentist, Tamworth Dental and Implant Clinic

For enhanced magnification, Dr Jacek Sitkiewicz, a dental surgeon at Queen Square Dental Practice in Bath, recommends the Carl Zeiss OPMI® Pico microscope from Nuview.

“When I contacted Nuview about the OPMI® Pico the team was very attentive and interested in my clinical needs,” he says. “They offered me a hands-on session with the microscope before I purchased so I could get an idea of its capabilities and usability. It was, overall, a good customer experience and I was happy that what I was buying was up to my expected standard.

“The microscope itself is easy to use and works well, plus the strain on my eyes has reduced significantly thanks to the level of detail I am now able to see, so I am very pleased with my purchase.

“I’m using it for every dental procedure, and it is exceptional when combined with the Waterlase MD laser I use. Microsurgery, endodontics, advanced periodontics, micro-invasive preparations… you name it, the OPMI® Pico helps in every dental procedure.”

The OPMI® Pico offers practitioners a range of benefits, clinically and physically. To find out more, contact Nuview, a leading UK distributor of Carl Zeiss products with first class customer service.

Dr Jacek Sitkiewicz

Dental Surgeon , Queen Square Dental Practice, Bath

For Dr Konstantinos Papaefthymiou, an endodontist from One Stop Doctors in Hemel Hempstead, the Carl Zeiss OPMI® Pico microscope from Nuview is an indispensible tool in the delivery of high-level endodontic care. He says:

“The quality of the optics is outstanding; the best of any microscope I have ever tried.

“My favourite feature is the incredible clarity of the image through the scope, along with the camera adaptor, which allows detailed documentation of the treatment. From an ergonomic standpoint, the use of the OPMI® Pico in day-to-day practice allows long sessions to be completed with minimal fatigue and plays a significant role in reducing the risk of musculoskeletal pain.

“Together with a good customer service from Nuview (the team was very helpful and prompt in assisting with technical queries) I would definitely recommend the OPMI® Pico as a great investment.”

Dr Konstantinos Papaefthymiou

Endodontist , One Stop Doctors

When Dr Bob Mehay, owner of Butterfly Dental in Altrincham, Trafford trialled the Carl Zeiss OPMI® Pico microscope, it took just two weeks before he was hooked.

“When I first used the OPMI® Pico I was completely blown away, it really does have the wow factor.

“As such, the quality of the work we do has improved providing even better clinical results, and our patients have been very impressed. The knock on effect is that the practice has never been busier – it’s the best clinical decision I’ve ever made!

“I must also commend John Woods and the rest of the Nuview team for the service that I received, as it truly was exemplary.”

Contact us today to find out more about Carl Zeiss magnification products available!


Dr Bob Mehay

Principle Dentist , Butteryfly Dental, Altrincham

“Offers More Than Magnification”

The compact, high-performing Carl Zeiss OPMI® Pico dental operating microscope offers high quality visualisation for all uses – whether it is used for restorative dentistry, endodontics, implantology, periodontics or even check-ups.

Dr. Irene Kaimakamis, Principal Dentist at K Dental Studios in London, comments on the benefits of using the OPMI® Pico in the practice.

She says: “Although we mostly use the microscope for endodontics, myself and the team have also found it useful for other treatments such as post preparations and crown fits.

“As well as the quality magnification that the OPMI® Pico provides, the Varioskop® 100 objective lens – which allows us to adjust our focal length without leaving our working position – has been extremely valuable.

“Another benefit of using the OPMI® Pico is the real time HD integrated video camera, which is a great educational tool for both nurses and patients.

“As for the aftercare service, the team from Nuview were very helpful, friendly and always contactable. I would definitely recommend the OPMI® Pico and Nuview to other practices.”

Dr. Irene Kaimakamis

Principal Dentist , K Dental Studios

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