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EyeMag Smart Medical Loupes 

Easily recognising structures helps you improve the quality of your treatment. EyeMag Smart dental loupes from Carl Zeiss provide optimum image quality at 2.5X magnification. The compact design of the optical components as well as the versatile adjustment possibilities promote comfortable working conditions and intuitive operation. EyeMag Smart loupes are a reliable partner for your day-to day treatment.

The range of tilt and angle of declination settings make EyeMag Smart dental loupes particularly quick and intuitive to operate. The loupes can be adjusted to meet your treatment needs in a matter of seconds. You can position the distance of the eyepieces and change the tilt angle quickly and easily with a single adjustment. The flip up function facilitates unobstructed vision and eye contact with the patient, enabling you to concentrate on what is most important, the treatment of the patient.

The EyeMag Smart dental loupe is available with either a Lightweight Titanium Frame or Sports Frame.


Quality optics and sophisticated design

 Precise vision …

* High image quality and colour fidelity – brilliant image that extends to the peripheral zones
* High depth of field yields excellent depth orientation
* Large fields of view allow for an optimum overview of the working field.

 Intuitive operation …

Simple adjustment to individual requirements such as interpupillary distance and viewing angle
Flip-up function facilitates unobstructed vision and easy communication with patients
Easy placement and removal of loupe attachment streamlines daily use


Work in comfort …

Customisable settings enable you to sit in an ergonomically correct and comfortable position
The large selection of working distances permits an optimal treatment position
Even weight distribution minimises fatigue during long periods of treatmentEyeMag_Sport_freisteller_schatten_1E_42109_0Previewlarge

Protection for laser procedures

Special Zeiss EyeMag Smart medical loupes for surgeons performing minimally invasive laser therapies offer high-quality laser protection combined with advanced visualization & meets laser safety requirements of the European standard EN 207.


Available EyeMag® Smart Systems
Working distance (mm) 300 350 400 450 550
Working distance (inch) 12 14 16 18 22
Magnification 2.5x 2.5x 2.5x 2.5x 2.5x
Field of view (mm) 67 77 86 96 115

Compliance for EyeMag Smart Galilean Medical Loupes and accessories.
DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 13485 CE

EyeMag Smart (Galilean type) Medical Loupes include:

  • EyeMag Smart telescopes and carrier system (titanium eyeglass frame available in three sizes)
  • Protective lens caps
  • Sterilisable contact guards
  • Optics cleaning cloth

EyeMag Smart Loupes from Nuview:
‘An Excellent Investment !’

Clinicians looking for a cost effective entry into the world of magnification that won’t mean compromising on optical quality should look no further than the Carl Zeiss range of EyeMag Smart Loupes.

EyeMag Smart Galilean-type medical loupes combine excellent image quality with true colour fidelity whilst providing 2.5x magnification. In addition, Nuview are also able to provide clinicians with a choice of working distances and depths of field to suit every clinical situation.

Since taking delivery of his Zeiss loupes from Nuview, Dr Phillip Barton, BDS of Pemberton Dental in Wigan feels his clinical practice has been transformed:

‘Thanks to my Zeiss loupes, the way I practise dentistry has completely changed. I can now see detail that was previously impossible to visualise, I no longer have to guess the margins on crowns, and I feel more confident about tackling more complex cases – so much so that I have just started a certificate course in dental implantology!

My loupes are expertly constructed and the frames were made with prescription lenses, so I can see my computer screen whilst seated with the patient in the chair.

To sum up – an excellent investment!’

Exclusive UK distributors of Zeiss surgical loupes and microscopes, Nuview offers dentists a comprehensive package of services,  including a needs survey, full installation, equipment training and prompt aftercare.

Dr Phillip Barton

Philip Barton

Dr, Pemberton Dental

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