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EyeMag Pro Dental Loupes  

 EyeMag Pro Medical Loupes


EyeMag Pro medical loupes from Carl Zeiss combine high-quality optics with a sophisticated design. Precision optics ensure clear visualization of anatomical micro-structures, thus enhancing treatment outcomes.

The result: increased efficiency and elevated levels of care. The large selection of working distances and magnification levels enable you to select the right loupes for your specific application needs. This product offering flexibility allows you to always work in an ergonomic and comfortable position, resulting in reduced fatigue and eyestrain.

In addition to their elegant and functional design, EyeMag loupes are intuitive and easy-to-use. The EyeMag product line was developed in close cooperation with dentists, ensuring a solution that is efficient, reliable, and comfortable for every day use.EyeMag Pro Dental Loupes

EyeMag Pro is the right loupe system for users with higher magnification demands. It is available in a wide range of magnification levels and working distances, enabling you to select loupes tailored to your individual needs.

Capture all the details

The brilliant ZEISS optics integrated into EyeMag Pro F and EyeMag Pro S loupe systems establish new standards in precise vision. EyeMag Pro loupes feature outstanding image quality that generates a high-contrast stereoscopic image, thus enabling you to recognize and differentiate between even the most minute structures. The excellent depth of field permits outstanding depth orientation.

Carrier system tailored to your individual needs

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You can select the carrier system that fulfils your individual preferences. With the titanium frame, EyeMag Pro dental loupes offer a carrier system into which prescription lenses can be easily integrated. The soft nose bridge and adjustable headband enable a perfect, comfortable fit. Over longer wearing periods, the headband on the EyeMag Pro S loupes ensures outstanding weight distribution. The personal setting options on the EyeMag Pro F and EyeMag Pro S systems facilitate an ergonomically correct treatment position with every tilt angle.

Choose your working distanceEyeMagLoupes_30_010_0141_Page11_Doctor_Distance_116481_0Previewlarge
It is most important that the correct Working Distance be identified . Too short a distance invites neck and back trouble; too long an uncomfortable stretch . If one’s Working Distance is not known it is a relatively simple matter to determine what it is. If one adopts a normal, comfortable operating posture and has a colleague run a tape measure from one’s eye to hand, this invariably provides a reliable guide to help selection. Five different working distances are available.


Extensive range of models and magnifications
Select from a range of 10 models, all providing superb image quality, to ensure the correct magnification and working distance for your application . For instance three models, the x3.2/500, the x3.3/450 and the x4 /500 are particularly popular in the Cardiothoracic field, with large fields of view . In this speciality, the employment of magnification is seen as nearly essential, for instance, in procedures involving the coronary artery. Surgeons in other disciplines have a wide selection from which to choose. An Oral or Dental Surgeon, for example, will select a model with a much smaller field of view but the precision presentation will be of exactly the same quality.
A choice of 8 different degrees of magnification from x3.2 to x5 is offered, with considerable variation in between. It is important that one selects a degree of magnification that is comfortable to work with as well as both enhancing one’s skill and reducing fatigue. In non health care applications such as precision engraving in silver and gold, gem setting, art restoration and other skilled crafts, some of the higher magnification loupes such as x6 and x8 are used with wonderful results.

Available EyeMag® Pro Systems

Working distance (mm)           300              350            400             450             500

Working distance (inches)        12               14               16              18                20

Magnification                          4x  5x        3.6x  4.5x     3.5x 4.3x     3.3x 4x      3.2x  4x

Field of view (mm)                  56 44           71   56         86   68       100  81      115   93

“Perfect for general dentistry”

“When it came to deciding what loupes to purchase, it made sense for me to get the Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro loupes from Nuview,” says Sandra Mas Sanchis, a Dentist at Bath Spa Dentistry.

“They are renowned for quality and I had heard good things from my practice manager who also owns a pair. Now, I use the loupes for everything and I can’t work without them!

“I also have the Carl Zeiss EyeMag Light II, which provides great illumination and never needs to be used on the maximum setting.

“The service from Nuview has also been very good. When I first purchased the loupes, John Woods paid a visit to the practice to ensure that they were tailored specifically to my needs.

“I would definitely recommend the EyeMag Pro loupes – they make all the difference.”

Sandra Mas Sanchis

Dr, Bath Spa Dentistry

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