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Dental Loupes – Quality products by Carl Zeiss

EyeMag dental loupes and medical loupes from Carl Zeiss enable you to enter the world of magnification. The brilliant stereoscopic imagery has to be seen to be believed.

EyeMag loupes combine high-quality optics with a sophisticated design. Precision optics ensure clear visualization of anatomical micro-structures, thus enhancing treatment outcomes. The range of loupes available include the Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro, Carl Zeiss EyeMag Smart and Carl Zeiss GTX which deliver superior image quality without compromising comfort.

At the cutting-edge of magnification technology, Carl Zeiss loupes, available exclusively from Nuview, offer practitioners the perfect apparatus to accompany both surgical procedures and general use.

Carl Zeiss loupes are specifically designed for close magnification when pinpoint clarity is essential. Being able to offer magnification from 2x to 5x in loupes such as the EyeMag Smart, Pro and GTX, Carl Zeiss loupes can deliver superior image quality without compromising comfort.

The EyeMag Pro and Smart loupes deliver high image quality to the peripheral zones and a greater depth of field, resulting in excellent depth orientation. These loupes also offer advanced differentiation, a wide range of working distances and are light and easy to use.

Carl Zeiss dental loupes can be worn in one of two ways: fitted into a pair of titanium frames, including the stylish new Strator wraparound sports frame; or mounted onto an adjustable headband.

The new sports frame from Carl Zeiss combines enhanced viewing with a modern attractive design, so it not only looks good, but also offers optical precision and wearing comfort whilst meeting the most rigorous hygiene requirements.

Whatever your choice of carrier, comfort is assured, thanks to the soft, silicone “saddle” bridge piece on the titanium spectacle frame, and the over-all balance provided by the even weight distribution on the alternative Headband Carrier.

Click on the pictures below to find out more information about the choices that are available to you.


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EyeMag Pro
EyeMag Smart
Carl Zeiss GTX


Recommended by dentists, for dentists

“I recently purchased my Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro loupes from Nuview,” says Dr Rob Oretti, co-clinical director of Pentangle Dental Transformations, “as the team was highly recommended by colleagues for their excellent customer service, attentiveness and experience.

“I was not disappointed; I was looked after very professionally and the sale and delivery of my new loupes was extremely swift and efficient.

“As for the optics, the image quality is superb with super sharp clarity and excellent light transmission, which has helped enhance the care I can provide to my patients.

“I would strongly recommend contacting Nuview about the EyeMag Pro loupes.”

Dr Rob Oretti

Co-Clinical Director, Pentangle Dental Transformations

Dr Jonathan Moulding, partner and joint owner of Spicer Road Dental Practice in Exeter, recently purchased the latest Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro loupes in 3.5x magnification to replace an older version of 15 years.

“I was very happy with my previous Carl Zeiss loupes from Nuview so when they needed replacing it was a no-brainer to upgrade to the newest EyeMag Pro model.”

Dr Moulding uses the loupes for most tasks, as he says they help him “to maintain the correct working position, as well as prevent eyestrain.

“They also help me to see in more detail, which I feel has helped to improve the standard of my work.”

When purchasing the EyeMag Pro loupes, Dr Moulding also purchased the EyeMag Light II.

“Complete with three power settings and a variety of filters, the light is much more powerful than its predecessor, and is perfectly designed to slot into the loupes conveniently. I would definitely recommend purchasing the two products together from Nuview. Between the excellent service and quality of the products you can’t go wrong.”

Dr Jonathan Moulding

Partner & Joint Owner, Spicer Road Dental Practice, Exeter

“Best I’ve ever had”

“For clarity of vision I use Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro loupes with 4.0x magnification from Nuview,” says Dr Boota Singh Ubhi, a registered specialist in periodontics and implant surgeon at BPI Dental in Birmingham.

“I chose Carl Zeiss loupes as they have a very good reputation for quality and performance, and the feedback from colleagues has always been very positive.

“Thanks to the calibre of the optics and excellent illumination from the EyeMag Light II, I can see minute structures in a high level of detail without suffering from eye strain and discomfort.

“I would definitely recommend to other practitioners – EyeMag Pro loupes are the best I’ve ever had!”

EyeMag Pro loupes are available from Nuview in a variety of magnification settings from 3.2x to 5x. Get in touch with the team to find out more.


Dr Boota Singh Ubhi

Implant Surgeon & Periodontics Specialist , BPI Dental in Birmingham

Mr Jake Sutton, an artist and clock maker based in Fairford, Gloucestershire recently purchased two sets of loupes from Nuview.

“When I was introduced to Managing Director, John Woods, he came to my workshop for an entire morning so that he could accurately assess what loupes would best suit my needs. He provided me with a series of sample loupes to try over the course of a week, and immediately the level of detail blew me away.

“Before he came, I had been using an inexpensive plastic magnifying visor, which as it turns out had been affecting my working position. Since using the flip-up Carl Zeiss EyeMag Smart and EyeMag Pro loupes with prescription lenses, however, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my posture.

“Not only that, but they’ve completely revolutionised my work thanks to the quality of the optics. With no discolouration and a fantastic field of view, both pairs really are superb; I would definitely recommend. As for the service, it was absolutely faultless, I can’t thank John enough.”

Mr Jake Sutton

Artist & Clockmaker

“Compared to other loupes, the magnification and optics of the Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro loupes are up there with some of the best I’ve used, as is the quality of the EyeMag Light II illumination system,” says Dr Andrew Rochester, Principal Dentist of South Devon Dental.

“I chose the head mount, as it helps to counterbalance the weight of the lenses. With a quick and easy adjuster the loupes are a perfect fit, ensuring even weight distribution and enduring comfort. Ergonomically too, I’ve found the loupes to be highly beneficial thanks to the simple vertical adjustment of the optics.

“I must also commend Nuview for the efficient and prompt service, and for helping me to find a pair of loupes and light that match my clinical and personal needs. I would definitely recommend to other practitioners.”

Dr Andrew Rochester

Principle Dentist , South Devon Dental

“Since I started using the Carl Zeiss EyeMag Smart loupes with 2.5x magnification from Nuview, I’ve been extremely happy with their performance,” says Dr Dimpi Panchal, a dentist at Lutterworth Dental Practice.

“They’ve been so useful diagnostically and in improving the quality of treatment – especially in the posterior region where it is naturally harder to view anatomical structures – that I’ve taken to using them all day, every day. I wouldn’t work without them, and I would certainly recommend to others.”

Carl Zeiss EyeMag Smart loupes are available with either a lightweight titanium frame or sports frame with flip up function to facilitate unobstructed view when communicating with patients. Discover more by contacting Nuview.

Dr Dimpi Panchal

Dentist , Lutterworth Dental Practice

“Over the course of my career I’ve had about eight or nine pairs of loupes, but when I stumbled across Carl Zeiss loupes at a course around eight years ago I made the decision to upgrade, and I haven’t looked back,” says Dr Roger J. Hughlock, a dental surgeon at Lowerbank Dental Practice.

“I’m now on my second pair of EyeMag Pro loupes with 3.3x magnification and a working distance of 450mm, which I purchased recently from Nuview. I have kept my old loupes as a back up, as Nuview kindly reconditioned them at no charge.

“Between the combination of the first class optics and superior illumination of the EyeMag Light II, I am able to see even the finest of details during the preparation and finishing of treatments such as crowns and root canal therapy. Carl Zeiss has definitely lived up to its name.

“They’re extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time and help me to maintain a neutral working position. I would recommend Carl Zeiss loupes.”

Dr Roger J Hughlock

Dental Surgeon , Lowerbank Dental Practice

“I am a firm believer that reputation and quality are integral to performance, so when the time came to purchase new loupes Carl Zeiss from Nuview were the obvious choice,” says Dr Andrew Chandrapal, President of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

“Needless to say I’ve not been disappointed by the exceptional quality of the optics in my EyeMag Pro loupes, which in my eyes cannot be matched by any competitor at this moment of time – they were worth every penny.”

Dr Chandrapal recently purchased the EyeMag Pro loupes with 4.5x magnification.

“There were a lot of options available, but having used high end loupes for over a decade my expectations were extremely high; particularly as I see loupes as an investment, not just a tool for use in daily practice.

“Together, with the support and knowledge from the Nuview team I am extremely pleased with my purchase, and would recommend to any practitioner in the market for quality loupes.”

Dr Andrew Chandrapal

President of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Service to shout about

When Dr Hamera Hussain, Principal Dental Surgeon and Cosmetic Dentist at Salisbury House Dental Clinic in London purchased Carl Zeiss loupes from Nuview, the service was nothing short of amazing, she says.

“The service from Steve Clapman was like nothing I have ever received before – even the service from the company I bought my 60k scanner from wasn’t as good!

“From the minute that I first made contact with the team right through to the after-care, Steve was very helpful and quick to respond to my queries and magnification needs. Good service is important to me, so I’m glad I chose Nuview

“Plus, the clarity and strength of the loupes are amazing – I would certainly buy from Nuview in the future when I look to get a microscope.”

To find out more about the range of Carl Zeiss magnification products available from Nuview, get in touch with the dedicated team.

For more information please call Nuview on 01453 872266,

email, visit or ‘like’ Nuview on Facebook.

Dr Hamera Hussain

Principal Dental Surgeon and Cosmetic Dentist., Salisbury House Dental Clinic

Loupes to shout about

“I have been very impressed with the magnification and clarity of my Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro loupes compared with my previous set,” says Dr Steven Schofield, Principal of Schofield and Pickup Dental Practice.

Having upgraded to Carl Zeiss after being recommended the EyeMag Pro loupes by a colleague, Dr Schofield has been pleased with their performance.

“I’m exceptionally happy with the light and loupes, to the point I find myself wondering how I ever managed without them!

“As for the service from Nuview, the team was absolutely first class. When I had an issue with my light a replacement was dispatched immediately.

“I have already recommended these loupes to other colleagues, and will continue to do so – I think they are absolutely brilliant.”

With high quality optics, the Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro loupes offer magnification ranging from 2x to 5x and provide advanced differentiation as well as a wide range of working distances. To discover Carl Zeiss, contact Nuview.

For more information please call Nuview on 01453 872266,

email, visit or ‘like’ Nuview on Facebook.


Dr Steven Schofield

Principal Dentist , Schofield & Pickup Dental Practice

“The EyeMag Pro loupes provide excellent visualisation and light. I can see so much more,” comments Dr Peter Douglas, Principal of Raynesway Dental Practice. He has been using the Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro dental loupes for the past year.

“The EyeMag Pro loupes were initially recommended to me by colleagues and I couldn’t work without them now. They are very comfortable and easy to wear, and they make my job so much easier.”

To discover the benefits of the Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro loupes for yourself, call Nuview today!

Peter Douglas

Principle Dentist , Raynesway Dental Practice

“When I was looking to progress to the next level of magnification to practise more detailed work,” says Maxine Davie, a Dentist at Oasis Dental Care in Hornchurch, “ Carl Zeiss loupes were the obvious choice.

“The EyeMag Pro loupes give me superior vision with a high level of detail and are balanced and comfortable to wear.

“Combined with the use of the EyeMag Light II, which provides excellent illumination and a good field of vision, I am very happy with the loupes. I would definitely recommend their use to other dentists, regardless of their level of magnification experience.”

Dr Maxine Davie

Dentist , Oasis Dental Care in Hornchurch

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