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Nuview manufacture and distribute the entire range of Continu products.

Dentists understand their duty of care to provide a safe, hygienic environment that minimises the risk of cross contamination for patients and staff. They are conscientious about maintaining hygiene standards and implement processes for regular cleaning of surfaces and equipment. Though the processes are in place, are the products effective? Many establishments still use alcohol or solvent based cleaning and sanitising products even though HTM01-05 highlights the risks associated with this. Continu offers an HTM01-05 compliant alcohol free solution.

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Surface Cleaning and Disinfection
Hand Cleaning and Disinfection
Instrument and Equipment Disinfection
Disinfection of Appliances

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CONTINU Frequently Asked Questions

What is CONTINU ?

Continu is a range of water based cleaning and disinfection products developed for use in dental practices

Is CONTINU a new product ?

Though Continu has been developed using the latest technology in infection control solutions it is also very well established within the dental industry having been successfully used in practices since 2009.

How is CONTINU manufactured ?

Continu is made in the UK at an ISO9001:2008 accredited production facility and Nuview’s Quality Management System has been independently audited to meet the requirements of ISO13485.

What testing has been conducted on CONTINU products ?

Continu has been independently tested to meet or exceed the following EN Test Standards

  • EN14476:2013 + A1:2015 for Virucidal Activity in the Medical Area
  • EN14348:2015 for Tuberculocidal Activity in the Medical Area
  • EN13727:2012 + A2:2015 for Bactericidal Activity in the Medical Area
  • EN13624:2013 for Fungicidal Activity in the Medical Area
  • EN13623:2010 for Bactericidal Activity against Legionella in Aqueous systems
  • EN1276:2009 for Bactericidal Activity in Food, Industrial, Domestic & Institutional Areas
  • EN1650:2008 + A1:2013 for Fungicidal or Yeasticidal Activity in Food, Industrial, Domestic & Institutional Areas
What is CONTINU effective against ?

Continu meets or exceeds EN test standards for effectiveness against a wide range of harmful micro-organisms including C.Difficile, E-Coli, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV-1, Influenza A, Legionella, MRSA, Salmonella and TB among many others.

How long does it take to work ?

Contact times vary depending on the micro-organisms present but Continu has been independently tested to kill enveloped viruses like Hepatitis B or HIV and Mycobacterium such as TB within 2 minutes, Yeast and Fungi within a minute and bacteria within 30 seconds. This only tells part of the story, however, as Continu remains on the surface to provide a residual decontamination effect that inhibits future growth so it carries on working after application (unlike alcohol which evaporates away) to prevent harmful micro-organisms returning. Efficacy therefore improves with continued use.

Is CONTINU HTM 01-05 compliant ?

The guidance does not specify which disinfectants should be used but the Continu range has been developed to help Practices achieve compliance from its alcohol free ingredients to wall mounted touch free dispensers together with delivering solutions for disinfecting water lines and dental impressions that fulfil the requirements of HTM 01-05.

How does Continu support adherence to Control of Substances Hazardous to Health guidelines ?

Practices are required to take particular care in the storage and preparation for use of decontamination chemical products and to adhere to COSHH regulations. As Continu products are water based and generally supplied ready to use they have very low hazard ratings which simplifies the COSHH risk assessment process. Continu products are also supplied with a COSHH disc providing instructions for use and data sheets.

Is CONTINU CE Marked ?

Continu products are fully compliant with the relevant EU legislation for each product type. Those Continu products that are allowed to be under the Medical Devices Directive are appropriately CE marked, otherwise they are compliant with the EU Biocidal Product Regulations as required.

Where can CONTINU be used ?

As Continu is water based, it is very gentle meaning it may be used on fabrics, leather, plastics, wood and corian work surfaces. Conversely, bleach, acid or solvent based solutions may damage surfaces and HTM 01-05 notes that “the presence of protein will compromise the efficacy of alcohol-based wipes.”

The service and aftercare from Nuview is outstanding.  Plus, Nuview’s knowledge of the products and infection control is exceptional, not to mention that the team is very helpful with all of our queries and in solving any issues. The Dental Unit Waterline Disinfectant is easy to use, non-corrosive and cost effective, and because it is water-based, has a very low hazard rating. All in all, we are extremely pleased with the Continu products and would definitely recommend Nuview to other Practices.

Practice Manager & Principal Nurse , Renton-Harper Periodontics

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