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Orthopaedic Brushes 

We manufacture a range of Femoral and Acetabular brushes are designed to remove fibro-cartilaginous and granulation tissue, bone and cement fragments before scouring the surface to enhance fixation at the bone interface during joint replacement surgery.

Our range of Femoral and Acetabular brushes have been the first choice of surgeons throughout the UK for the last twenty years.

We are proud to say our brushes are manufactured in the UK and are accredited and certified to the appropriate CE standard and we offer full product traceability from raw materials to finished products.

Our Femoral & Acetabular Brushes are supplied in boxes of ten individually packaged sterile, single use brushes. Each outer box and individually packaged brush has a sterilisation indicator present on the label to visibly confirm the product is sterile and ready to use from the box.

We are currently looking for European and Worldwide distributors for our Femoral & Acetabular Brushes, if you would like to receive information on how to become a distributor please email or call 01453 872266.


Product Specifications

  • Helical action to remove debris.
  • Plastic sleeve prevents glove tear and protects the surrounding soft tissue.
  • Stiff polyester brushes to scour all surfaces.
  • Single use to minimise the risk of infection.
  • Three Year Shelf Life.
  • Individually Packaged.
  • Box Qty: 10 Pcs.


Product Codes

303-001 Sterile Femoral Power Brush – Box Qty: 10 Pcs.

303-002 Sterile Acetabular Double Loop Power Brush – Box Qty 10 Pcs.

303-003 Sterile Femoral Handle Brush – Box Qty: 10 Pcs.

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