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Welcome to the Zeiss Dental Academy

Technology is emerging in all fields at a rapid pace. Dentistry is no exception. Two challenges today are selecting the advances that deliver the greatest benefits to your personal dental practice and rapidly grasping the technology to make it useful on a daily basis. An important trend is the incorporation of higher levels of magnification and illumination into the dental treatment.

Taking notice of the success achieved in endodontics, periodontists and prosthodontists are exploring the potential of microscope-assisted dentistry. With courses led by experts, ZEISS would like assist you and help you become more familiar with the world of magnification. The evolution of dental treatments over the past decade has been truly amazing as magnification and illumination systems have become standard equipment.

zeiss dental academy

We are proud of the role we are playing in these exciting times.

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Microdentistry – Magnification as a key to your success

There are times in our professional careers when the introduction of new technology changes our profession from that point forward. Dentists who have personally experienced the benefits of magnification and illumination have said their professional techniques have been forever changed

Learning objectives

  • In lectures and workshops, leading specialists will introduce you to the latest
  • techniques in dentistry
  • Discuss your experiences with experts from around the world
  • Use magnification and illumination to make precise treatments
  • Reduce eye fatigue
  • Minimize postural problems
  • Get credit points

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