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There is no better product recommendation than to see what our existing customers say about the quality products and great customer service we offer.

The following are a just a sample of the positive feedback we receive from our customers regarding our products and service.

“Compared to other loupes, the magnification and optics of the Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro loupes are up there with some of the best I’ve used, as is the quality of the EyeMag Light II illumination system,” says Dr Andrew Rochester, Principal Dentist of South Devon Dental.

“I chose the head mount, as it helps to counterbalance the weight of the lenses. With a quick and easy adjuster the loupes are a perfect fit, ensuring even weight distribution and enduring comfort. Ergonomically too, I’ve found the loupes to be highly beneficial thanks to the simple vertical adjustment of the optics.

“I must also commend Nuview for the efficient and prompt service, and for helping me to find a pair of loupes and light that match my clinical and personal needs. I would definitely recommend to other practitioners.”

Dr Andrew Rochester

Principal Dentist, South Devon Dental

Mr Jake Sutton, an artist and clock maker based in Fairford, Gloucestershire recently purchased two sets of loupes from Nuview.

“When I was introduced to Managing Director, John Woods, he came to my workshop for an entire morning so that he could accurately assess what loupes would best suit my needs. He provided me with a series of sample loupes to try over the course of a week, and immediately the level of detail blew me away.

“Before he came, I had been using an inexpensive plastic magnifying visor, which as it turns out had been affecting my working position. Since using the flip-up Carl Zeiss EyeMag Smart and EyeMag Pro loupes with prescription lenses, however, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my posture.

“Not only that, but they’ve completely revolutionised my work thanks to the quality of the optics. With no discolouration and a fantastic field of view, both pairs really are superb; I would definitely recommend. As for the service, it was absolutely faultless, I can’t thank John enough.”

Mr Jake Sutton

Artist & Clock Maker

“I had originally purchased the Carl Zeiss OPMI® Pico from Nuview for the practice’s endodontist. After witnessing the clinical performance I had microscope envy and purchased one for my surgery too, mainly for restorative dentistry,” says Dr Tony Auger, Clinic Director of Hospital Lane Dental and Implant Clinic.

“The potential of the microscope for restorative dentistry was only really fully appreciated, however, after attending a three-day hands on training course in Italy. Now we have the luxury of two high-performance microscopes, which has elevated the standards of our restorative work and makes practice life more satisfying.

“Sophisticated in its design, the microscope ticks all the boxes clinically, as well as ergonomically due to features such as the MORA interface and ceiling mount. You just need to look at the Carl Zeiss ‘Microscopic Dentistry – A Practical Guide’ to see the difference in quality of the components; it really is very impressive.

“I’ve also upgraded to Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro loupes with 4.0x magnification and the EyeMag Light II, along with many of my colleagues, for ultimate image clarity in hard to reach areas.”

Dr Tony Auger

Clinic Director , Hospital Lane Dental & Implant Clinic

“As a keen photographer I was aware of the legendary optical clarity of Carl Zeiss lenses, so when it came to selecting a microscope the Carl Zeiss OPMI® Pico was an obvious choice,” says Dr Andrew Ratsey, a dentist at Heaton Dental Clinic.

“And I haven’t been disappointed; I use the microscope for all my endodontic treatment – the clarity of the optics makes tasks such as canal location so much easier.

“For my day-today work I use Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro loupes in 4x magnification. The clear optics and quality light source mean that I can see more clearly, meaning I am able to diagnose and treat much more accurately. I couldn’t live without them.

“The service from the team at Nuview was fantastic. The planning and installation of the OPMI® Pico was absolutely seamless; John and his team were attentive to my every need.

“I’ve already recommended Nuview to others and will continue to do so.”

Dr Andrew Ratsey

Dentist, Heaton Dental Clinic

“When it came to getting a microscope, it was always going to be the Carl Zeiss OPMI Pico. The enhanced magnification has enabled me to finesse my work to a higher standard, and knowing that I am working to a higher level brings immense satisfaction.

“The service I have received from Nuview has always been supremely organised, professional and transparent, and thanks to the comprehensive training and support, my learning curve of using the OMPI Pico has been an exciting and memorable experience.”

Dr Daniel Cattell

Gentle Dentistry, Bournemouth

“To achieve the best results quality tools are essential,” says Dr Anthony Zybutz, Principal Dentist at TDCi Smile in a Day. “That’s why I use the Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro flip-up loupes with 4.3x magnification from UK supplier, Nuview, which in my opinion are the best quality lenses on the market.

“Now, I have even more confidence in the standard of care that I am able to deliver to my patients, with the added bonus of no longer suffering from backache.

“As for the personalised service that I received from Steve at Nuview, I really couldn’t have asked for more – it was excellent from start to finish.

“For these reasons and more I would always recommend EyeMag Pro loupes from Nuview.”

Dr Anthoney Zybutz

Principal Dentist , TDG Implants Centres

“The amount of laboratories that use loupes are few and far between,” says Colin Eckloff (RDT), owner of Dental FX Studios in Southam, “which is surprising when you consider the benefits. Dentists are using them, so why aren’t technicians?

“My loupes of choice are the Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pros with 5x magnification from Nuview – one of the best purchases I have ever made. With them I am not only able to see and do more, but I feel more confident that I am delivering a better quality service to my clients.

“As such, I use them every day, all day without fail – though they are so comfortable that I barely notice they are there.”

Mr Colin Eckloff

Owner Dental FX Studios, Dental FX Studios

When Dr Hamera Hussain, Principal Dental Surgeon and Cosmetic Dentist at Salisbury House Dental Clinic in London purchased Carl Zeiss loupes from Nuview, the service was nothing short of amazing, she says.

“The service from Steve Clapman was like nothing I have ever received before – even the service from the company I bought my 60k scanner from wasn’t as good!

“From the minute that I first made contact with the team right through to the after-care, Steve was very helpful and quick to respond to my queries and magnification needs. Good service is important to me, so I’m glad I chose Nuview

“Plus, the clarity and strength of the loupes are amazing – I would certainly buy from Nuview in the future when I look to get a microscope.”

Dr Hamera Hussain

Principal Dental Surgeon and Cosmetic Dentist , Salisbury House Dental Clinic, London

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