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26/01/2015 Carl Zeiss Quality Dental Loupes




Carl Zeiss EyeMag Smart Quality Dental Loupes

Carl Zeiss EyeMag Smart Dental Loupes

Nuview For Quality Dental Loupes

EyeMag Smart, Pro and GTX, Carl Zeiss dental loupes deliver superior image quality without compromising comfort.

At the cutting-edge of magnification technology, Carl Zeiss loupes, available exclusively from Nuview, offer practitioners the perfect apparatus to accompany both surgical procedures and general use.

Carl Zeiss loupes are specifically designed for close magnification when pinpoint clarity is essential. Being able to offer magnification from 2x to 5x in loupes such as the EyeMag Smart, Pro and GTX, Carl Zeiss loupes can deliver superior image quality without compromising comfort.

Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro Quality Dental Loupes

Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro Dental Loupes

The EyeMag Pro and Smart loupes deliver high image quality to the peripheral zones and a greater depth of field, resulting in excellent depth orientation. These loupes also offer advanced differentiation, a wide range of working distances and are light and easy to use.

Carl Zeiss dental loupes can be worn in one of two ways: fitted into a pair of titanium frames, including the stylish new Strator wraparound sports frame; or mounted onto an adjustable headband.

Carl Zeiss GTX Quality Dental Loupes

Carl Zeiss GTX Dental Loupes

The new sports frame from Carl Zeiss combines enhanced viewing with a modern attractive design, so it not only looks good, but also offers optical precision and wearing comfort whilst meeting the most rigorous hygiene requirements.

Whatever your choice of carrier, comfort is assured, thanks to the soft, silicone “saddle” bridge piece on the titanium spectacle frame, and the over-all balance provided by the even weight distribution on the alternative Headband Carrier.

Quality dental loupes without compromise – Carl Zeiss and Nuview. More information is available on the loupe section of our website.