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Nuview manufacture and distribute the entire range of Continu products.

Dentists understand their duty of care to provide a safe, hygienic environment that minimises the risk of cross contamination for patients and staff. They are conscientious about maintaining hygiene standards and implement processes for regular cleaning of surfaces and equipment. Though the processes are in place, are the products effective? Many establishments still use alcohol or solvent based cleaning and sanitising products even though HTM01-05 highlights the risks associated with this. Continu offers an HTM01-05 compliant alcohol free solution.

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Surface Cleaning and Disinfection
Hand Cleaning and Disinfection
Instrument and Equipment Disinfection
Disinfection of Appliances


The service and aftercare from Nuview is outstanding.  Plus, Nuview’s knowledge of the products and infection control is exceptional, not to mention that the team is very helpful with all of our queries and in solving any issues. The Dental Unit Waterline Disinfectant is easy to use, non-corrosive and cost effective, and because it is water-based, has a very low hazard rating. All in all, we are extremely pleased with the Continu products and would definitely recommend Nuview to other Practices.

Practice Manager & Principal Nurse , Renton-Harper Periodontics

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